Navigating Neurodivergence In Business Relationships

An online workshop on how to navigate the interplay of neurodivergent traits in our business relationships, by Heike Jord Knip.

In business relationships, navigating the dynamic interplay of neurodivergence can introduce a unique set of challenges.

This interactive session run by Neurodiversity Coach & Trainer Heike Jord Knip aims to shed light on key aspects of neurodivergence that influence our professional interactions, paralleling situations that arise daily in our daily personal lives.

Throughout the workshop, Heike integrates insights from his journey as a business owner with elements from his ADHD and relationship workshops.

Heike's combination of knowledge and experience gives a great insight into how we can infuse our authentic neurospicy selves into our business relationships, enhance our unique skills, and why we are awesome at what we do!

What we cover in the workshop:

  • Reasonable adjustments to a professional relationship
  • Impulsivity
  • Inattention and Hyperfocus
  • Emotions
  • Accountability & Timekeeping
  • Communication
  • Sensitivity to Criticism/RSD/Imposter Syndrome

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Navigating Neurodivergence In Business Relationships

    • Introduction

    • Recording: Navigating Neurodivergence In Business Relationships