Power Hour: How To Work With Our Natural Rhythms

Explore how to find and work with our unique natural rhythms to improve our wellbeing and make running our businesses more joyful

Are you a night owl, or up with the lark? We all have different rhythms that, when followed, we find life that little bit easier.

When we can work and play in time to our own rhythms – even partially – it improves how effective we are, and we feel heaps better too!

In this Power Hour Helen Davies, NHS Clinical Director and Founder of Practical Wisdom, will take you on a journey and explore questions like:

  • When your innate preference to do a particular kind of task?
  • When is your golden hour?
  • How is it best for you to sequence tasks throughout the day?

But why stop there? We'll also consider your week as well, your month, and hell, even the seasons! Every cycle and rhythm in your life has a part to play and makes an impact on how and when we are at our best.

In the past, you've probably done work on your skills, what the best activities are for you, maybe even how to do them – but have you considered when? Now’s your chance to do just that, and find your best rhythm for results.

Even if you're hitting the right notes for yourself, what about those you work with? Your team, or close colleagues… imagine if ALL of you did this exercise individually and brought it together as a team to collectively create harmony in your work. Now, that would be impactful and joyful!

Join us for this Power Hour, and let's find your flow and your joy!

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