Roundtable: Is Self-Compassion Essential For A Successful Business?

How can we be kinder to ourselves as ND business owners, and why is self-compassion good for business? We explore with Chaya Mistry.

We neurodivergent entrepreneurs can be pretty harsh on ourselves. On top of the emotional and financial rollercoaster of running a business, many of us are also navigating Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), perfectionism, people-pleasing and difficulty maintaining boundaries PLUS challenges with motivation, organisation and prioritisation as a result of executive dysfunction. 

It's so easy to talk to ourselves negatively and find ourselves in a downward spiral – which makes us forget all the things about our neurospicy brains which are awesome, creative and different! 

In this roundtable, we’re joined by Chaya Mistry, founder of Humanly to explore how we can be kinder to ourselves as neurodivergent business owners, and why self-compassion is good for our wellbeing and for building a sustainable, successful business.

Together, we explore questions including

  • What does self-compassion really look like? 
  • How do we actively practice self-compassion when it feels so alien to us?
  • Why does self-compassion matter in protecting ourselves against burnout and overwhelm?

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    Roundtable: Is Self-Compassion Essential For A Successful Business?

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